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$1.99/Mo. for 12 months of Economy Hosting at

It's Baaaack for another Summer Blockbuster Run in July
2013 marked the first Independents Month for Sonoma County, and this year will be bigger and better.
Your independently owned business can get the recognition it deserves for contributing to our local economy and to the richness of Sonoma County.

This kind of group marketing works when each member pitches in a little effort. Tell your customers why celebrating Independents Month helps us all by sending them to GO LOCAL's website and Facebook page
We'll do the rest. C'mon, it's not like we're asking you to balance your checkbook.
Only 12 Profiles Available
The double-truck center spread will feature 12 member profiles at 1/4 page, each beautifully styled.  $375 gets your business in. Your BOHO reps will process your ad.
Download Your Branding Kit
We've made it easy for you to fly our colors. Go to our website and download the kit for logos and banners ready made for use on Facebook, email and printed material.

Thanks to the City of Santa Rosa Economic Development

The staff at Economic Development are really devoted to growing local retail and services. They've provided resources to help us boost the marketing effort this year. In addition to the webpage they provide on the City website, they've made possible the printed and digital marketing materials you'll use this July.
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